Wed – a few of us got there a day early since it takes some of us ALL DAY to get there. I apparently took a wrong turn and instead of going through Columbus like I had planned, I had went through Cincinnati and then my lovely GPS had me take back roads all the way there (which was about 3 hours of back roads!). I was not happy by the time I got there as it took me 13 hours instead of 10 like last time. But I instantly got “giddy” when I saw my first Shackie sighting!! LOL

Thurs – Stamped the day away. People were coming in at all different times. Unfortunately, Joanne did not make her flight and we all had hoped she would get there on Fri but she was flying stand by so that didn’t happen either. We were sad she wasn’t there with us. That night we went to Bob Evans. I haven’t eaten at a Bob Evans in 25 years and it was the best!! With each meal, you get your choice of blueberry bread, banana bread, biscuits and/or rolls. The blueberry bread was the best!!! I think most of us stayed up till 1 am that night. Was up again at 8 am on Fri to do it all over again!!

Fri – Stamped the day away again. All of us worked on our own projects we had brought. We had our group picture taken that day outside since they were calling for rain the next day. Chicks with Sticks were back with their knitting needles next door to us, until they had a herd of BIG BLACK ANTS in their room and they got moved. Ate dinner at the “inn”. Had an awesome waiter named Josh. He had waited on us a year ago and Chelsea asked him if he remembered us and he said “no” but by the end of the night, he said “Oh yeah, I remember you now” but I think it was just to shut us up. We told him we are all stampers and he said “Like in Hallmark?” He made one of the quotes for my quote book “Hallmark has nothing on me”. We all laughed so hard. He is a junior in college and we made him a cute card and the girls gave it to him at brunch. We all signed our names and said thanks for a fun dinner. See you next year. He was hilarious!! Now he is our friend on Facebook. He probably thinks we are all NUTS. LOL

Sat – Some of us went to Stamping Day and Night which was a stamp store in Ft Wayne. The woman who worked there was not the friendliest person on earth. Barely said hello or thank you the whole time. Oh well. From there we went to Archivers at the mall in Ft Wayne. I’m not sure any of us bought that much at either place but I always love looking at the new things out at Archivers since my HL or Michael’s won’t have any of it for 3 years. LOL On our way back, we stopped at Culvers so Angie and I could experience our first “Butterburgers”. All I can say is Mmmmm. I was good and had a kids meal and I was stuffed the rest of the day. Went back to the conference room to get ready for the “surprise” baby shower for Jennifer. She had no idea. When they got back from lunch, they walked in and she looked at us like “Why are you all standing there staring at me?” and then she saw the table of goodies and realized it was her baby shower. We all laughed. She got lots of cute cute baby stuff and we ooohed and aaaahed over it all. Had yummy lemon and red velvet cupcakes. After the shower some of the girls went to Mexican but Mary, Suzi and I stayed behind. Chelsea taught us all how to make a honeycomb card and I think Kimmy will be making those from now on. She fell in love with the technique (as did Jennifer, Kim and me).

Sunday – it was a sad sad day when we all had to pack up and leave. We always hate when the final day arrives as it means we have to say goodbye. We all had an awesome time and are counting down the days till we do it all over again. LOL

If I left anything out, please add them. I’m sure I missed a lot!

Famous Quotes that I wrote down from the weekend. Some of these may not make sense to those who were not there but we all crack up everytime someone would repeat them. Lol

I wrote them down as people said them so this is who said what:

Sherri – I can hear my own eyelashes blink.
Angie – Everything I say is funny.
Mary – Let’s line dance.
Everyone else – let’s not!
Chris – What is it? It’s the biggest ghetto camera ever (referring to Angie’s new zoom which is like the ipad)
Chelsea – Did you tell your husband that you were the only one that didn’t have anything to play with?
Mary – I was so lonely, my lap was empty (meaning we all had either laptops or ipads or computers).
Sherri – Show me your twine (Suzi had YEARS OF TWINE she had brought with her. I am convinced she will NEVER run out)
Chris – Oh look. Its 5:30. We missed 5:00. We can drink now.
Kathy – Darn it. Why did I move the stamp-ma-jig? Now he has a white butt.
Mary – He couldn’t handle all of us.
Chris – I gotta have a moment using GIMP.
Traci – Did someone throw a fish? (as in Swedish fish)
Kim – I’m flying under the radar.
Sherri – Is anyone hungry yet? Suzi – No I had one triscuit (mocking me)
Josh – Hallmark has nothing on me.
Josh – I have to go in the back room to cool off.
Traci – Josh is intoxicated by us.
Suzi – I disapprove of grown women throwing themselves at a young child.
Chris – Robin has probably drowned in the hot tub by now.
Suzi – I’m starting to worry about this group.
Kim – Who’s Troy? (I had to explain the Troy/Charlie to Kim)
Kimmy – We need a facebook group “we drop dimes for days” (it’s a saying that Josh has as his favorite quote on facebook and I’m not sure we still know what it means)
Kimmy – Thinking of moo
Sherri – And there’s a mosiack one? (I could not pronounce mosaic)
Suzi – I was to see nipple boxes.
Kim wants to be a professional escort.
Kathy – I never signed the card (Jennifer’s baby shower card)
Chelsea – You can turn it off and on if you have to.
Robin – We can go in there and be their duck lap dancers (there was a duck decoys auction going on at the inn too)
Angie – I brought 16 POUNDS of paper and only used 4 SHEETS.