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Thread: ATG tape and cats....

  1. ATG tape and cats....

    Not a good mix. Chunk is terrible when it comes to ribbon. But I wasn't worried about changing my ATG tape, until I found the trash tipped over. I'm not sure how much he ate....He got rid of several bunches of it...Ugh....

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    Re: ATG tape and cats....

    Oh no! I hope he will be ok! I had a cat that would eat embrodiery floss-several expensive trips to the vet. I had to keep it where she could not find it.

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    Re: ATG tape and cats....

    my cats are bad with teh ribbon..yes, I have the vet bills to prove it! my vet says what can happen is that if it gets caught on their back teeth and some goes to through their digestive system it will twist and tear their intestines..have a good look in kitty's mouth to be sure there is non stuck in it's teeth. I hope all is ok

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