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Thread: My "baby" went to daycare

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    My "baby" went to daycare

    My little dog is on vacation with DH and I in the SLC area. No one to leave her at home with, plus she's older and would really miss us, so here we are. I found a place that takes little dogs only and decided to give it a try today. She's never been boarded or kenneled before, so I was nervous as a mom sending her child to kindergarten for the very first day!! I even called to make sure she was doing okay while she was there. I know I'm silly, but she's 12 1/2 and used to a quiet life at home. Well, she did fine hanging out with the youngsters and the staff coddled her. We got back to the hotel and she crashed out on the bed, all worn out. I love the whole doggy daycare concept!

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    Re: My "baby" went to daycare

    I'm so glad to hear she did okay at doggy daycare. I'll be having to leave my Hershey in a "pet hotel" while I travel to New Jersey next month and I'm so afraid she won't do well. She is very attached to me and I fear she will be lonely or refuse to eat. Have you ever taken your dog on an airplane? I would love to take Hershey with me but she's a little too big to fit under the seat and I'm not sure I want to put her in the baggage area.

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    Re: My "baby" went to daycare

    Awww, I would of cried! LOL My dog is 12 1/2 too and he's never been boarded either. I'm glad her day went well

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    Re: My "baby" went to daycare

    It's tough to let our "kids" go, isn't it? Glad yours did well and hope you are all having a great time!

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    Re: My "baby" went to daycare

    My Cats do pretty well by them selves.
    If I go anyplace for more than a day or two Grandma comes over or their Cousin Don stops by.
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