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Thread: Pro Big Shot

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    Pro Big Shot


    Does anyone have this yet?
    I would LOVE to have this - but the price!! YIKES!
    I love the BIG Dies!

    I'll have to wait a few years till the next thing new comes out and knocks this price down.
    I have the normal Big Shot and LOVE it!
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    Re: Pro Big Shot

    I guess I wasn't aware these were available...I think our LSS that went out of business had one. I have the Big Shot and I still have the original one which I use a lot! Doubt I'd have a spot for a large item like this probably is!

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    Re: Pro Big Shot

    i don't know what you pay os but the large dies here cost about $80!!! way to much i reckon...i'll be sticking to my normal sized bs!

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    Re: Pro Big Shot

    I also would love to have those great new toys, but with the way our economy (and my budget) are going these days, I'm not making any big purchases--what I really need to use up what I have. If I never bought another thing, I could probably continue to create for a very long time!!! (other than glues etc). Plus, like Joanie, where would I put it??? But I can dream!!!

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    Re: Pro Big Shot

    Patty, I'm totally with you. I've got soooo much stuff that I could create for a very long time before I really needed anything new except for ink and glue. Oh, and like you, where the heck would I put these things. Already half my supplies are in the closet and I don't ever pull them out or miss them!
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