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Thread: atg tape refills

  1. Re: atg tape refills

    ha ha I am picture challenged! LOL.
    Happy Crafting!

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    Re: atg tape refills

    OK sounds like there's interest. so please post how many boxes you want. remember a box has two rolls. and this is the non-acid free stuff. if you want the acid free, those are like $6 something. this is from the framing supply place. I will need payment y the time I order, probably last week of march.

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  3. Re: atg tape refills

    I'd like 5 boxes Angie. Thanks!

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    Re: atg tape refills

    Angie -
    Thanks for doing this! I see Traci already told you I would like 5 boxes. Please let me know what my total is with shipping and I will send it out to you. It will be here before we know it!! Can't wait!

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    Re: atg tape refills

    I guess I need to see how many rolls I still have. I did go through a few with the Christmas cards last year, I should get a few.


  6. Re: atg tape refills

    I'll take 10 boxes...

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    I will take 5 boxes.
    Happy Crafting!

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    Re: atg tape refills

    Angie, I would like 10 boxes please. Will you be bringing them to Palooza? Let me know what I owe you. Thanks for doing this!

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    I'm not going to get any right now. I haven't used my atg gun in so long I am sure I have no idea how to load the darn thing! LOL
    The Shackretary

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    Re: atg tape refills

    ok ladies, they will be $3.74 a box (includes two rolls). please pay me with paypal [email protected] by MARCH 30th. pay only for the number you want to get...when i place the order, i'll figure out shipping and you can pay me that at palooza. when you do paypal, include a note with how many boxes you are getting.

    for example:
    order 5 boxes pay $18.70 now (shipping later)
    order 10 boxes pay $37.40 now (shipping later)

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