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Thread: atg tape refills

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    atg tape refills

    is there enough interest to do a group buy for atg refills? they would be the one shown below. around $3.80 box, plus shipping divided up.

    Non-Acid Free (085R)
    A box of two rolls of 1/4" X 36 yards of tape for the Advanced Tape Glider Applicator (085R)

    ok...we are ordering...

    they will be $3.74 a box (includes two rolls). please pay me with paypal [email protected] by MARCH 30th. pay only for the number you want to get...when i place the order, i'll figure out shipping and you can pay me that at palooza. when you do paypal, include a note with how many boxes you are getting.

    for example:
    order 5 boxes pay $18.70 now (shipping later)
    order 10 boxes pay $37.40 now (shipping later)

    here's what i have down for people:
    becky 5
    kristi 5
    traci 10
    kimmy 5
    amy 10
    me 10
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  2. Re: atg tape refills

    I would be interested.

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    Re: atg tape refills

    Hmmm, sorry--I would love to, but I don't use the big gun

  4. Re: atg tape refills

    I would be interested, too.

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    Re: atg tape refills

    to clarify, this is for only those attending palooza in april. those who will be able to pick them up in person.

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  6. Re: atg tape refills

    Kristi said she would like 5 boxes.

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    Re: atg tape refills

    Wow $3.80 a roll is a good price. I'm interested.

  8. Re: atg tape refills

    My big guns (both of them) have been out for MONTHS and i have gone back to my little ones. I am interested too.
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  9. Re: atg tape refills

    Where are you ordering from? The last time I checked framingsupplues.com they were $2.99 or less the more you order - of course it could have gone up. I'm interested though let me check how much I need
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  10. Re: atg tape refills

    Angie's price is for TWO rolls. So they're less than $2 a roll.

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