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Thread: subscription renewal

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    subscription renewal

    There seems to have been a problem with my subscription renewal.
    I received a message from Paypal that the renewal failed due to my credit card. The only difference in my credit card is that the expiry date changed, and I changed that on paypal several weeks ago.
    Under subscriptions on Paypal, Stamp Shack is listed to be paid by credit card, so I don't know why it didn't go through.
    The message states that they will try the payment again on March 28th.
    I also have a bank account listed on paypal, so I changed my subscription to the bank account instead, I hope it will go through OK this time. I've ever had this problem before and I don't want to lose my membership at the Shack.
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    Re: subscription renewal

    If the due date on Stamp Shack is now different that Pay Pals, it won't go through. Since this happens once a year, things change on/from credit cards. There in lies the prob lem, send Mike a private ticket - note whatever you want to call it and when he sends it in, they will match and your in. - Nancy

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