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Thread: Where did the tutorials go?

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    Where did the tutorials go?

    I know we used to have a section with a few different tutorials that Shackies had done and I have noodled around the site a bit and can't seem to find them. Are they gone or am I just missing them somehow?


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    Re: Where did the tutorials go?

    I looked for them too..I hope they are still here & we just can't find them

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    Re: Where did the tutorials go?

    I am pretty sure they disappeared when we got our new site "template". What, in particular, are you looking for?

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    Re: Where did the tutorials go?

    well..I was looking for debbie's prisma pencil tute..she is the master of blending the prisma pencils, even if she is not here anymore..I wanted to share it with crafty74 since she was interested in the pencils

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