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Thread: Mixed Media Peeps, HELP!

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    Re: Mixed Media Peeps, HELP!

    I have no idea if this will help or hinder you, I took and continue to find inspiration in the sayings I would like to use on my canvas. There is a song lyric that just said to me " I need to go on a canvas" so from there I started thinking what image/s would work with it. Oddly, in the weeks since I have been watching the Monday night Ustreams regularly I am finding all sorts of things that "need" to be brought to life on a canvas. Now I just have to actually DO them.

    You have lots of time, don't pressure yourself. It will come to you.


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    Re: Mixed Media Peeps, HELP!

    Pick a color theme first. That's how I do it then I find lots if things that will go with that color and then go from there

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    Re: Mixed Media Peeps, HELP!

    Suzi..have ypu watched any of the TWstudios ustream classes?? you can get tons of ideas from there. and the gesso will be handy if you want to paint your canvas, them bring part of it back to white..like if you paint your background, then want part of it to be white so you can paint a different color in that part. i know you can & will rock this..just haVE fun

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    Re: Mixed Media Peeps, HELP!

    Suzi, first as far as the gesso bottles go, there are more than one size and one brand. If you look where the acrylic bottles are (delta, americana, folk art), you'll find small gesso bottles that same size. way cheaper if you're only going to use a little bit here and there. On pre-gessoed canvas, you don't need to gesso. Many people paint on non gessoed canvas with acrylic too, I personally like it better on gessoed canvases, but that's a preference. As to the one you say you messed up, areas you don't like, gesso over those. the areas you like, keep as it. now the areas you gessoed over will look white-ish. You can paint over these areas without the bottom layer of color coming through. This gives the new color you laid down not look muddy. If all else fails, use gel medium or modge podge and layer a piece of paper you like (ex. text, music sheet, or an image) on the canvas and you can then start fresh by painting on that.

    Hope this helps.
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    It looks slightly less icky this morning.... I'm not sure where to go with it now. I think I've convinced myself that I can't go forward w/o a red canvas heart.... I SWEAR I have some somewhere...... We'll see what tonite brings it.

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    Re: Mixed Media Peeps, HELP!

    oh sure, talk about me when i'm down!!

    first, keep the gesso. it's awesome and has all sorts of uses than just priming a canvas. (besides, i'm going to "make" you do an art journal soon!) and if you don't like something you've done, just gesso over it and start over!! (or take it back and get some cheaper...just get some. my first bottle came from wally's for about $8)
    second, the transfer medium is gel medium (matte). by golden's. just go with the name brand here...rumor has it that it's what makes or breaks the quality of the transfer. again, about $15 jar, but with a coupon more affordable.
    third, if you are going to try the transfer, try it out on something other than a canvas first. i struggled with getting a good transfer on a canvas...and i practiced in my art journal first.
    fourth, i'm positive what you are making is going to be awesome!!
    fifth...just kidding...

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