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Thread: 2013 calendar is now live!

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    2013 calendar is now live!

    Tech support have now added the 2013 calendar .
    Click on the calendar tab above to see upcoming birthdays and special events.
    I know Lakeslady has a BIG "zero" birthday in January.
    If you click on the members name in the calendar it links you straight to their profile page so you can grab their address and send them a card! Love it!

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    I have a big fat "0" in mine this year too.
    The Shackretary

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    Re: 2013 calendar is now live!

    That's really cool! Has that always been there? LOL! I guess I never clicked on it before.

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    Re: 2013 calendar is now live!

    Yeah!! Thanks Sarah for letting us know about the update!

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    Re: 2013 calendar is now live!

    As far as I know it has always taken you to their profile, but I am glad they got the calendar fixed. I looked a few weeks ago and saw it wouldn't advance and hoped they would fix it by the time Jan rolled around.

    I have an 0 in my birthday this year too, shhh, don't tell.


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