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Thread: Help managing attachments.

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    Help managing attachments.

    I wanted to post some craft photos with my post in the forum. I successfully downloaded the photos from my computer, and they are all sitting in the attachments box.
    The directions say to "drag" the pics down to the lower part of the screen for attaching to a post, but I can't get them to move.
    I've never had any trouble attaching photos to a post before. Anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
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  2. Re: Help managing attachments.

    Chris I just tried to drag one of the pics in my attachment file and it move successfully. I clicked on the photo I wanted with my left mouse button, continue holding down the button as I moved it to the lower box then released. The picture stayed in the lower box.

    Is that what you tried?

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    Re: Help managing attachments.

    You are only allowed a certain amount so you may need to go in and delete some old ones before it lets you attach any more

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