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Thread: Chemo starts next Monday

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    Chemo starts next Monday

    It will be 3 weeks on - one week off and do that for four months. Then take x rays again and see if I need more and if not- take a medicine for the rest of my life,don't know which one yet but I do know it won't be Armidex, that stuff last time was not good for me. So I asked him if that
    means I'll live and he said no problem. So you get to put up with me some more. I will visit as much as I can and still try for some more swaps -hope he is correct. They odd part about this is, that the same cancer I had in my breast-cells moved in my body when the last surgeon didn't get all of them and now I have breast cancer cells in my lungs. That was a new one for me.- Nancy-

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    Oh Nancy, nothing sounds as good as we are stuck with you for a lot more years!!! Sorry you have to go through all those treatments but it's good that it will make you better. Glad you now know what is ahead of you. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Re: Chemo starts next Monday

    Living... that's a good thing! Keep stopping in at the Shack. You know you'll always get a lot of encouragement & {hugs} here. And keep on crafting... I don't know about you, but it's my sanity and my healing.
    betty dallas
    {color outside the lines}

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    Re: Chemo starts next Monday

    Nancy, I am thrilled to be stuck with you! Chin up and pop in when you can. Be kind to yourself.

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    Re: Chemo starts next Monday

    I am certainly glad you will be hanging out here with us for a long time too.
    I am thinking of you and hope that you will continue to inspire us with your stamping and swaping!
    Take care- check in as much as possible so we know how you are doing with your treatments.

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    Re: Chemo starts next Monday

    Keeping a good thought for you and sending continued prayers as well. Glad you got at least some good news out of that visit.


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    Re: Chemo starts next Monday

    So happy to hear that the outcome will be good. Sending you caring hugs.

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    Re: Chemo starts next Monday

    Thanks-I only get momentary pangs of nervous feelings, but they go away fast when I think of what I am supposed to be doing. I had to laugh they asked me two questions (among many) do you sleep a lot or stay in bed all day. I am not knocking people who are ill but that struck me funny and thought to myself, they should know this group, we look for time to do that. They never asked about hobbies and the fact we would rather do that then sleep or housework at any time. This coming week I go for a mammogram-by the way the family doctor said people who are over 75 don't them anymore, well this doctor nearly had a heart attack and said your going. A port will be put in and I have a chemo class next Friday where they describe more to you, they also said I could drive myself to the appts. That is encouraging. By the way how do you bump up the threads, so if I put a note on here, you don't have to go through everything over and over. They said I should have these things in the house, Jello, popsicles, ice cream, soft toothbrushes, mouthwas with no alcohol, (remember that from last time unless you want your mouth on fire) and always wipe kitchen counters, telephone, tables with Clorox wipes, and wear gloves for cleaning(what?) dishwashing and gardening. (Those are the things I would like to get out of) so I am going shopping, eat a low fiber diet, lactose free, (now please tell me why they list ice cream) I am beginning to make a list of questions for that Friday meeting. In the meantime-have a good day. Thanks for all your encouragement. All of you make this club so great. - Nancy

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    I love hanging out with you here. You are on my prayer list and sending you lots of hugs.

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    Re: Chemo starts next Monday

    so glad to hear the outcome is good!!! i will keep you in my prayers. let us know how you are doing as the treatments move along.

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