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Thread: While your in Indiana...

  1. While your in Indiana...

    archivers in Fort Wayne is closing....Last day is the 14th....
    just thought you ladies might be interested.

  2. Re: While your in Indiana...

    I guess its 25% off of everything in the store.

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    Re: While your in Indiana...

    Wow, that's a bummer, can't imagine an Archivers not doing well. Thanks, Robin.


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    Re: While your in Indiana...

    Thanks for letting us know Robin. Hope all is well with you.

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    Re: While your in Indiana...

    What a shame to see stores close.

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  6. Re: While your in Indiana...

    Yikes! I expected it from the LSS but not the big chains like Archivers! Thanks for the heads up.
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  7. Re: While your in Indiana...

    WOW. I didn't think they ever "closed" an Archivers!
    The Shackretary

  8. Re: While your in Indiana...

    They closed one of ours in StL & I got an email that THREE of them were closing, Algonquin (sp), Ft Wayne and somewhere in TX..... Very sad. We have a NEW sorta LSS in town. I think they do more than Stamp/Scrap; they had a class for making scarves. LOL Wonder how long they'll be around?

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