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Thread: Chill that flash and other....

  1. Chill that flash and other....

    Sounds like it might be helpful to share any tips....

    My little tip ...WalMart seasonally sells a skinny, tall (approx. 36") cylinder tube fan with a remote control. WM is the only store here who carries a remote control fan in my town. And I have found they only stock a few each year. Now is time to start looking for it cause they will be sold out in a few weeks. The size makes it easy to tuck into a small area across the room. I used one in my office and found it very helpful to use the remote during phone calls and when others stopped in.

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    Re: Chill that flash and other....

    That does sound like a great idea.

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    Re: Chill that flash and other....

    When I was working full time, I used to keep a little fan under my desk---most of the folks laughed at me, but those who were around MY age always wanted to take it!! Enjoy it ladies!!!

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    Re: Chill that flash and other....

    Gosh - you girls are making me feel old - I've been done with all that stuff for years.
    Actually I didn't even realise that I was done!
    I hadn't been to the doctor in a while 'cos he kept nagging me to lose weight, and when my monthly stopped I thought it was because I was heavy. Don't remember any mood swings or hot flashes, but when I finally plucked up the courage to go to the doctor for a physical , he ordered the blood test that checks the hormone levels and apparently I was done.
    I wish for everyone to have such an easy time.
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    Re: Chill that flash and other....

    haha, i have to have a fan on at night to sleep..all winter I have been freezing gary out..I just stuck an extra blanket on his side of the bed

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