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Thread: Inspiration Showcase

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    Inspiration Showcase

    Did anyone else take this online class back in September?


    I signed up for it but because of my work schedule I couldn't attend the "live" classes. But with the videos and the PDF's I was finally able to complete my canvas this weekend. It is a great class. I learned a bunch of new techniques and brushed up on some that I already knew. I used supplies I had on hand except for the sticky back canvas. That's some fun stuff! And now I have a great reminder of different techniques hanging in the creative chaos craft room. I would recommend this class for anyone interested is different techniques for stamping, coloring and embossing. And there is all kinds of bonus card tutorials using the different techniques. I posted a pic in the gallery.

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    Re: Inspiration Showcase

    That looks like a class I'd love to take, only $19, sounds pretty reasonable for 33 card ideas and a ton of techniques.

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    Re: Inspiration Showcase

    I didn't take that one but I have taken a couple other of their classes and always felt that they were well worth the money. This looks like a great one.

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    Re: Inspiration Showcase

    It does look like a good one. Very reasonable price, too.

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    Re: Inspiration Showcase

    cool canvas, and that looks like a great class

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    Re: Inspiration Showcase

    I'll have to go and check it out... Thanks for the suggestion!

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