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Thread: Stamping with Neon Ink

  1. Stamping with Neon Ink

    2nd gen balloon study.jpgA while back a few shackies mentioned they were going to buy neon ink. I bought a Hero Arts tiny 4-pack. I have been playing with them and wanted to share what I learned.

    Basically I have been checking out how they look on both plain paper(top half of photo) and glossy paper (see bottom of photo). I also did some generation stamping of images. Remember that is when you really ink up your stamp well, stamp it and then continue to stamp without adding more ink. So the 2nd images are the 2nd generation.

    If found the neon ink can make many generations on glossy paper and each generation becomes more transparent Like a real balloon that one can kinda see through. On plain cardstock the ink has a flat ink look. The stamped images on glossy paper MUST BE HEAT SET to avoid a smeary mess.

    I am going to post my sampler card in the gallery so you can see the colors better.
    I would love to see what others with neon inks have been doing with them.

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    Re: Stamping with Neon Ink

    Kids birthday cards would be great with those colours.

    October 2009 Bingo numbers are 6, 12, 18, 24, 31, 39, 54, 70, 82, 97

    My winning Bingo numbers 3 6 12 30 50 61 65 80 93 98 - I want to keep them in the hall of fame!!

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    Re: Stamping with Neon Ink

    I don't have any of those but I really like how it looks with the regular paper and stamped in generations like that.

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    first time I have heard of those inks. Many thanks for the info Jan.

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    Re: Stamping with Neon Ink

    I have purchased the bigger sized neon colors from Joann's. I have yet to use them. You have just inspired me.


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