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Thread: My resignation from Moderator duties

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    Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    thanks for everything!

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    Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    You will be missed as moderator. I have always enjoyed the world connection of the shack. It has brought so many together from so many different places. Please remain as a member, you are so fun to swap with and receiving mail from so far is a delight. Jo Ann iupindiana

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    Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    Thanks for everything you've done Sarah and Christie. Since the shack host hasn't logged in for months, how's this site still running?

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    Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    Thank you so much for all the work that you have put in. I also hope that you will stay as a member, I know that we would miss you if you left.
    I have enjoyed the Shack so much over the years, I've enjoyed having friends all over the world, although I have not been a very active member during the last few years. It seems ironic that just as I'm managing to get back into making cards, the Shack seems to be on it's last legs, but I will stick around as long as the Shack is here.
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  5. Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    I am so very sorry to hear this news ...
    <*)))>< God never ignores Knee-mail! ><(((*>

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    Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    I agree with everyone's sentiments regarding this site. Maybe it's worth it to look around for a place we could move to? Like a Flickr group? Flickr does not offer all the same functionality we have here at The Shack - for example hosting swaps - but it provides a site where members can converse and post pictures of their art. A Flickr group can be private, open to members only. A Flickr account is free.

    Just a thought.

  7. Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    So sorry to hear this, but appreciate all you've done over the years to keep things in order!
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    Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    OMG.... Just seeing this. Thanks so much for being there for us! Hope you will still be around for a visit.

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    Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    Thank you for all you have done as a moderator. I wish I had more time to be more of an active member here but life has gotten very busy. I have appreciated the time, concern and care you have taken with things that have occurred on this site. You and the other moderators made this site what it has been.

  10. Re: My resignation from Moderator duties

    As I mentioned on Christie's thread, I totally understand but *sniff*. I wish there was something else we could do here to have a well-managed, fun and inspiring board that everyone would want to visit daily. If I were a computer geek and had the know-how, I'd take it over myself. ~sigh~ I am not knowledgeable in that department. We need someone who is dedicated and who participates regularly to manage this board. I don't know many men who stamp or scrapbook even.

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