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Thread: Ok...Christmas over back to work I go...

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    Ok...Christmas over back to work I go...

    So this am I head back to work after having a few days off. I am looking forward to another long weekend for New Year's Holiday tho.

    I didn't get any stamping supplies as gifts, so while we were at Myrtle Beach I found a great little shop (actually not so small) of stamps, papers (beautiful papers) etc...called Scrapbooks by the Sea if you ever are in the area. She had wonderful products and a great store of displays, cards and more.

    So I purchased some stamps and papers from me to me. It was fun!!

    She had the new Chameleon pens and demo'ed those for me. Have any of you seen them or used them? She said if you had a good copic collection then probably stick with copics but I am still intrigued.

    Happy New Year...to all!

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    Re: Ok...Christmas over back to work I go...

    I have heard of that store, never been , of course but I have heard of it. how fun you got to do some shopping. santa gave me some money to shop with so I think I am going to put it in my debit account and order a few goodies online.
    Anyone have big news years plans? I don't this year, not sure if we will do anything or not

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