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Thread: Don't faint!! I'm back among the stampers!!!

  1. Don't faint!! I'm back among the stampers!!!

    Finally!!! Its been a long 3-4 years but I can finally say I am back to stamping. It started out by me watercoloring. I really have fallen in love with Tim Holtz distress inks so that's how it all started. I tried gelatos and they were just ok but I really really like the distress inks. So easy to use with water!! I'm starting to build back up my collection again. Luckily, I kept my copics and my ink pads.

    What is everyone else up to?

    No big plans this summer. Emily moved into an apartment with her boyfriend and she's working at the Humane Society and loving it. Nicholas is working full time at QT.

    I'm still working part-time at BJ's Club handing out food samples. I had quit about a month ago but they talked me into staying so I'm working 3 days a week. lolTH1.JPG

    PS How the heck can I get my pictures facing the right way?
    The Shackretary

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    Re: Don't faint!! I'm back among the stampers!!!

    so glad you are back at it again! I do love the distess inks too. Jess Kinderstampo does amazing work with the distres inks and markers, check her out.

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    Re: Don't faint!! I'm back among the stampers!!!

    Your birds are pretty cute. Thanks for the family update, gosh how time flies. If your mojo came back maybe there's hope for mine or maybe there is just way too much going on in the rest of my life.


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    Re: Don't faint!! I'm back among the stampers!!!

    Welcome home! Glad you found your mojo. You have had a lot going on since you were here last. So Emily loves the Humane Society, isn't that great!! It is good to have a job that you truly enjoy! Good luck with your BJ gig! Love your birds!

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