Or else way more energy for the hours we do have. Still trying to empty out moms house. David's friend talked him into helping him out at a flea market and now he wants to sell all this stuff there! Are you kidding me? It just needs to go to the Salvation Army and get out of the house! I worked for 2 hours Sat. bringing stuff up from the basement and my bro & I were there for about 3 hours tonight. Got rid of a bunch of stuff, sorted things out, had a guy come out to give us an estimate for getting the grout steam cleaned. Very reasonable and then he said they do carpets too. Well score, one less phone call to make and it can all get done in a day.

Still no kitchen cabinets or sink at the cottage. I'll be lucky of they get them up there by August. I'd like to smack David's friend who talked him into changing them and then taking them out while David was at the store!!! Actually I'd like to do worse than smack him, but it isn't worth doing time for!

Luckily we have some time off in July and I have a week off so hopefully we can get the rest done soon.
I'm exhausted!