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Thread: Becky B - are you buried under 10 feet of snow? :(

  1. Becky B - are you buried under 10 feet of snow? :(

    I sure hope not. How is the snow situation? I guess you still have feet left!!
    The Shackretary

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    My Sister just called me from Denver. She said they have tons of snow there, & it took hr an hour in a half to get to work when it usually only takes 20 minutes tops!
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    Hi! We're actually doing good...the snow stopped yesterday afternoonish and MOST of it is already melted. The roads are dry (the main ones anyway) and I see some patches of grass on the golf course. DH has a tee time tomorrow am, but I think he's being really optomistic
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  4. OMG - its already melted?

    To me that looked like it would last a week! ha ha If Charlotte got snow like that, the whole city would shut down and I am not joking!!!
    The Shackretary

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