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Thread: Another stamp donation is on the way!!

  1. Another stamp donation is on the way!!

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that we will soon be receiving a very generous stamp donation from 'I brake for stamps'. Thank you so much, Della, for your kindness and generosity! It is so very much appreciated!

    Please be sure to check out the 'I brake for stamps' website, everyone. Della has some fabulous stamps available. There is also a link to her site which is accessible via the main page of The Stamp Shack website.

  2. That is such great news. I took a browse through their site. Cute stamps. Thank you Della!

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    She's got some great stuff! I'm going to place a NICE order as soon as my NO BUY is over!

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    Very cool!

  5. WOW! wonderful designs! I hear some calling my name...
    ...oops, wrong hat!

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    That's so awesome! They have a very fun line of stamps for good prices.

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    thank you I Break for stamps!
    I just loked and WOW I think I see an order in my future!

  8. I love her humourous stamps and have several, however, I can always use more!

  9. Sherry, that is WONDERFUL news. It just goes to show what a quality site you've created. Even the stamp manufacturers recognize a great site to display their wares!



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    Wow Sherry, fantastic news. I love that website and have it bookmarked. Congratulations!

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