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Thread: Does anyone else do this or am I the only freak

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    Does anyone else do this or am I the only freak

    So when you stamp an image, especially if it has areas of black have you noticed sometimes the black isn't as solid as you like? I take a marker and fill it all in, then I take a thin pen and go over almost all the lines. I do this on almost everything I stamp. The good thing is that if there is a tiny area that didn't stamp right I can just fix it.

    So is it just me? Am I OCD about this?

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    If you're obsessive compulsive then I guess I am too. I use my millenium pen to close in all the gaps that aren't stamped right.

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    I have done that some. I've actually seen that tip in print but I can't remember where.


  4. I have been known to fix a stamped image if it is just a small fix. If it involves coloring a section in to make it look right, I usually toss it and re-stamp.

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    I usually keep stamping til I get it all solid, now I need to save energy & cardstock and use something to fill the black spaces in. You are not OCD, just an energy saver.

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    I've done this too. I don't do it on all stamps but I do it on images that didn't come out perfect.

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    That's a good idea! I can't stand partial black images. I just throw em out and start over. I've found that Brilliance inkpad or Versafine give the best black images depending on the amount of detail.

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    i don't do that. it would drive me nuts to start doing that!!

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  9. I too will re-stamp. I'm a perfectionist to some degree but not that perfect

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    It depends. If a little line or two is all it takes, I'll fix it. If it's a lot, I restamp. I finally found a black cats eye pad -- I want to see if it will help me get a better image on some of the ones that seem impossible to stamp properly!

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