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  1. Oh no my DVR cut off the end of GA. (spoiler but I gotta know)
  2. Can we PLEASE talk about last night's Grays Anatomy? I just watched it and oh my!!!
  3. AI spoiler Feb 27 guys night
  4. AI spoiler....
  5. Did anyone happen to see Simon Cowell on 60 minutes last night?
  6. Dancing with the Stars *Warning: SPOILERS*
  7. What did you think about American Idol tonight? I have to spell it out so Tami
  8. Did I miss it? Why didn't we talk about GA??
  9. Dancing with the Stars vs. American Idol
  10. Hysterical girl on AI...
  11. AI spoiler....
  12. Anyone know if Greys Anatomy
  13. Ok, who watched Grays Anatomy last night?
  14. has anyone heard anything about Men In Trees??
  15. Has anyone heard the new song by Brad Paisley called Ticks?
  16. Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader?
  17. American Idol Fans
  18. Sanjaya's freaky wacko hair......
  19. AI - what is he thinking??
  20. Why is it
  21. Memory Lane
  22. Just watch AI results show
  23. Can't vote for Dancing!
  24. I need show spoilers!!!!!!!!
  25. RUN!!!! Don't walk
  26. Special guest on DWTS
  27. American Idol Thread 4/11 *SPOILERS*
  28. Grey's Anatomy!!!!
  29. My hands are shaking!
  30. What does MP3 stand for? I think I can tell you . . .
  31. I'll tell you a little story about Tetris which may make you laugh....
  32. I tried to break my Tetris record last night.....
  33. We'll he's just as bad this week . . .
  34. Despite what Simon said, I thought Blake was AWESOME!!
  35. Grey's Anatomy is new tomorrow night
  36. Let's go rah rah rah for Sanjaya to leave tonight
  37. Deal Or No Deal Biggest Loser Award
  38. Did you see Robin Thicke on Oprah the other day? I just LOVE this song!!!
  39. *HEROES* is back on.....
  40. I really liked DWTS tonight!
  41. American Idol Thread 4/24/07
  42. OK.....Now to Dancing with the Stars
  43. No surprise but...
  44. AI Shocker
  45. Can we talk about HEROES
  46. Jon Bon Jovi is yummy
  47. OMG Blake looks fantastic on AI!
  48. Speaking of Bon Jovi......
  49. I'm nervous about American Idol tonight
  50. Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm so excited {Spiderman 3}
  51. Do you remember Ian Bernardo? {American Idol story}
  52. Grays Anatomy is a 2 hour special tonight ...
  53. Who else cannot wait for Addison's new spinoff from Grays Anatomy?
  54. Paris Hilton is going to jail
  55. Amazing Race Winners (I'm not revealing winners for those of you on a diff. time zone
  56. DTWS- Please make Billy Ray go away!
  57. AI Bee Gees night has begun
  58. Dancing with the Stars *Possible Spoilers*
  59. American Idol - Possible Spoiler
  60. Sherri and others did you hear about the bear killing the moose?
  61. Who is going to pick me up off the floor if Blake goes home tonight?
  62. Dale Jr. Leaving DEI
  63. Who Are Your American Idol Picks for the Final 2?
  64. let's just say...I'm happy with the results
  65. Chillin' with BOB
  66. What did you think of Grays Anatomy's finale?! WOW!
  67. DTWS was FAB tonight!
  68. Can we talk American Idol?????
  69. School shooting in Toronto - A 14 year old boy dead
  70. Can we agree IF we talk about American Idol tonight we put Spoiler in the heading
  71. I Loveeeeee The Winans!!!
  72. Did you see Rosie has quit the View and won't be back now at all?
  73. Does anyone play Diner Dash
  74. Have you heard the new flip flop song by Kenny Chesney?
  75. Anyone out there a ski bunny?
  76. What song was #1 on the day YOU were born?
  77. Paris may have to return to prison . . .
  78. Speaking of Paris...
  79. Did you hear that Isaiah Washington isn't returning to Grey's???
  80. Wanna find out your pirate name?
  81. Erin or other You Tubers
  82. Sopranos season finale
  83. Keith Urban is TOTALLY
  84. Renoir is in Ottawa!
  85. Sopranos...4 different endings
  86. NE1 watching LifeTime's Army Wives?
  87. My kids are going Bonkers over America's Got Talent
  88. Has anyone seen Shrek 3 yet?
  89. Here is a game to drive you crazy...
  90. Just look at who People Magazine has named Bachelor of the Year!
  91. stupid lawsuit
  92. Hero Fans
  93. Bon Jovi on TODAY
  94. Have you seen this little girl on you tube? She is phenominal. I cried ...
  95. Check out these prom dresses made with duct tape
  96. I need a book
  97. Home from Central FL Shop Hop
  98. The Secret Lives of Bees -- Who has
  99. Lean Mean Thirteen
  100. This is awesome . . .
  101. Princess Diana Concert
  102. Big Brother 8
  103. Anyone seen "The Holiday"?
  104. Really good book about Australia
  105. Awesome Read- April in Paris
  106. i'm being dragged (drug?) to...
  107. I'm working on a brand new computer and flat screen monitor!
  108. Harry Potter
  109. elizabeth bright book-murder and salutations
  110. Just a little giggle . . .
  111. Reality Game Shows
  112. What would you do with a million dollars?
  113. Did ya get your Harry Potter. *NO Spoilers please!*
  114. the fountain
  115. I don't read much but I am thinking I need a book for the airplane ....
  116. Who wants to see the new movie Hairspray?
  117. Who is the bigger train wreck??
  118. Just got the new Harry Potter book!
  119. Janet Evanovich fans
  120. Did you see that Northwest Airlines cancelled HUNDREDS
  121. Whoopie joins the view after Labor Day!!
  122. Sherri isn't this in your neck of the woods?
  123. I am serious about us sending Whoopie some cards
  124. Another toy recall
  125. Here is the correct spelling for Whoopi's name
  126. OMG - The Duggar family is at it again.
  127. I think its only fitting that Whoopi gets her very own cupcake card
  128. Who loves "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel?
  129. Monday Laugh . . .
  130. Did I tell you I love my new job?
  131. About Mums- (kids say the funniest things)-LONG
  132. Who's going to watch the Craft Fair on QVC today?
  133. Family Jewels
  134. Little League World Series
  135. A fun little game
  136. Any High School Musical Fans here?
  137. America's Got Talent...
  138. who hid the gallery??
  139. How do you like my new desktop?
  140. Big Brother 8 (new thread)
  141. Rick Springfield on GH today!!!
  142. What is your celebrity couple name?
  143. Awesome concert
  144. Don't forget to watch The View tomorrow morning
  145. Man builds flying banana
  146. Luciano Pavarotti has died
  147. Scattegories
  148. I'm off to NYC!!! need advise!
  149. Post #5,000!
  150. hey Tesschap
  151. Movie-jersey girl
  152. A North Carolina weather report
  153. Hero Fans
  154. I'm so happy CSI starts back on the 27th...
  155. More old "sayings". . . Did you ever hear
  156. Lots of Grey's stuff...
  157. Dancing with the Stars!
  158. first day of moosehunting
  159. Dancing... so what did you think??
  160. Premiere week - will be IFO the tv all week long.
  161. some fall foliage pics
  162. Who is going to watch Private Practice tonight?
  163. Did anyone else watch the new Law&Order??
  164. hey Sweetpea--hey Shuggie
  165. House - did anyone watch?
  166. We need rain!
  167. Any Bones Fans?
  168. Awesome pictures of a newborn Baby Moose!
  169. Just read that Lois Maxwell - Ms. Moneypenny
  170. Any Office Fans?
  171. 10PM..The Bachelor...
  172. So ... did anyone watch Private Practice and did you cry like a baby at the end?
  173. Here's a cute game for us --
  174. "Into the Wild"
  175. Friday Night Lights - Tonight
  176. I'm back!!!
  177. updated foliage pics
  178. Who watched Desparate Housewives last night?
  179. Earthquake - Baltimore
  180. Fresh Lettuce!
  181. Who can fill me in on Brothers & Sisters?
  182. Speaking of silly questions ...
  183. Chelsea (Spredbirds), Barb, & Traci
  184. help the environment....
  185. Noticed a new fad for our Avatars and Signatures!
  186. Omg! Omg! Omg!
  187. Since it's almost Halloween -
  188. Interesting tidbits
  189. Halloween Poll....
  190. OMG Hannah Montana Concert
  191. Black Friday
  192. OMG - Dancing With The Stars shocker!
  193. Any NBA Fans?!
  194. Beautiful night sky
  195. Oprah..
  196. Florida Girls . . .
  197. Prepare for tears!
  198. Which of Santa's Reindeer are you?
  199. I met Heather ( Keltie)
  200. Michael's Coupons
  201. craft fair success
  202. I just want to share a little about our leaves
  203. Matt Damon is #1 sexiest man alive?
  204. I too, elfed
  205. Turkey Trivia
  206. More "elfen" fun
  207. Oprah's Favorite Things - Who's Watching?
  208. Need a DTWS favor tonight!! PLEASE!!
  209. The Bachelor finale
  210. Who watched Grey's tonight?
  211. For those who watch DWTS.
  212. High School Musical
  213. ummm....I wasn't impressed by tonight's DWTS
  214. *Warning Spoilers* DWTS (don't peek if you don't want to ruin the surprise)
  215. So we know of 2 different people who went to the Hanna Montana concert last night ...
  216. New reality show - Dance Wars
  217. Those who are interested in DWTS!!!!!
  218. Desperate Housewives....spoiler & speculation
  219. shrek the halls...
  220. Did anyone watch Jenna Bush on Ellen today?
  221. Enchanted!
  222. Did you see the new American Idol starts Jan 15 & 16th?
  223. GA tonight..
  224. How come no one has said awesome Grays Anatomy was last night?
  225. Has anyone seen Blue Man Group in Vegas?
  226. Do you think this is grounds for divorce?
  227. For those other Christmas Story fanatics out there (me included)
  228. I have to rant a bit...
  229. You HAVE to check out these You Tube Videos/Blog!
  230. Sandra Lee on Food Network
  231. Did you hear? Brittany Spear's sister who is 16 is pregnant....
  232. New game to waste your time!
  233. Movie Review
  234. Surcharge on credit/debit card transactions
  235. Do I win the "Oldest Cell Phone" award?
  236. Does anyone out there quilt?
  237. Have you gone to the movie theater lately?
  238. Did anyone ever see Waitress?
  239. I know I asked this last year but
  240. yoo-hoo Sherri
  241. My 5,000 post- OMG I did it!
  242. So...Private Practice has been on for a while now...
  243. The Biggest Loser Couple Series starts tonight!!
  244. Does anyone watch MONK?
  245. Snow pics from Maine
  246. Celebrity "Apprentice." Will you watch?
  247. Poor Britt is at it again.
  248. So who watched Celebrity Apprentice and what did u think?
  249. I believe Desparate Housewives is new tonight
  250. BIG BROTHER 9 starts Feb 12th