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  1. I broke my finger!
  2. I'm such a neurotic mother! - UPDATED
  3. ok, I have a medical question
  4. My surgery is scheduled for 9 am tomorrow morning ...
  5. I wonder how Sherri's surgery is going...
  6. OK I spoke with Sherri's DH..
  7. My mole has left the south pole LOL
  8. Didn't sleep that great last night. Had a hard time getting comfortable.
  9. I spoke with Sherri
  10. I am officially sick.
  11. We are dealing with docs & surgeons again
  12. My temporary retirement now is now semi-temporary!
  13. Back from the doc...more tests...
  14. Update on Mom . . .
  15. 7 VERY GOOD reasons not to argue with children...
  16. Sherri - how are you doing?
  17. Holy freak me out! No one wants my kids. :(
  18. Funny story about Stephen today (has farts and poo, but not too gross)
  19. I am really DREADING going back to the dr for my re-check this afternoon ...
  20. What we put up with from our kids///Funny
  21. Back from the dr. He took out 8 of my 18 stitches
  22. Last Day of School - YIPPEE
  23. Here I sit ... with ice "down there"
  24. OHmyheck I may have just killed stpehen
  25. Are you ever surprised by the size of the stamps you buy online?
  26. ErRRR can someone help with this crazy question
  27. What does little white dots in your throat mean?
  28. Sheeri (FLipFLops)
  29. I'm going to Florida next month!
  30. The latest with me (in case you are wondering) LOL
  31. I start working 3rd shift tonight!
  32. How did you meet your other half...
  33. Sherri, Sherri!!!
  34. Just when you think you have a lot going on..
  35. Serri - Bo - Berri are you feeling better
  36. Back from the dr ...
  37. Sherri
  38. Tomorrow needs to hurry up and get here already!
  39. Just an update from me since Ive been MIA
  40. Fresh Strawberries from the patch
  41. Strange deal at my house tonight
  42. An update on me and whats been happening!!
  43. It's like Christmas around here!
  44. May I brag and cheer about my daughter?
  45. My turn to brag...
  46. How long does it take a broken finger to heal?
  47. So excited I had to share!
  48. Please wish me luck!
  49. Update on Hubby's eye problems
  50. Just had 5th grade DARE graduation and awards ...
  51. My latest dr appt today ...
  52. I wonder how Mary's (toao) trip is
  53. sooo sick
  54. My DH wants to become a police officer
  55. Restless Leg Syndrome - Anyone have it?
  56. happy birthday to my dd-Jennifer!
  57. I didn't know where else to put this post -
  58. Florida Girls...
  59. tooth fairy question
  60. Think Positive Thoughts Today!
  61. If its not one thing, its another (with me anyway)
  62. I am one big ITCH tonight ....
  63. Hey Chris...Stinky Dog...
  64. The Hearing Was Awful!
  65. Poll: What is your summertime fun?
  66. Sherri - Chigger Info
  67. Sherri...Some chigger home remedies
  68. Birthday Card Thank Yous
  69. expired meat
  70. Is it too late...
  71. Bummer...
  72. Margo,
  73. youhooo Chris...
  74. I'm going to be a Great Aunt AGAIN....and AGAIN!!
  75. Ethan walks now
  76. Those with young children/grandchildren
  77. Fun inspiration activity
  78. sick again.. or still
  79. Here's my family with our Graduate!
  80. Just wanted to share a picture with you.....
  81. Ok, I go back to the dr tomorrow and what should I ask him?
  82. The most annoying feeling in the world
  83. Listen to this ... our dd got her 1st HPV shot about 3 weeks ago ...
  84. I'm Back from Wyoming!
  85. Thanks SU for the Tatoos!!
  86. New Granny
  87. What in the world am I going to do???
  88. shuggy
  89. Back from the dr and he said it was beautiful LOL
  90. back from the dr
  91. The difference between boys and girls
  92. Late night
  93. Any plans for Father's Day tomorrow?
  94. I need a brunch recipe
  95. Toddler given Margaritas
  96. Any ideas for dinner tonight?
  97. Am I just old?
  98. After my day yesterday I am hoping to do NOTHING but stamp today!!
  99. Who made this album for my boys?
  100. Who lives in/near Witchita??
  101. Angie or other nurses or anyone...
  102. Triathlon cute story
  103. Ellie, what happened with your son and his passport?
  104. Guatemala trip
  105. sick!
  106. I had to get a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday
  107. What Do I Want For My Birthday?
  108. Shuggy/Angie....how are you feeling today?
  109. Just when I think I am doing great, I was sooo sore yesterday ...
  110. Taking a break...
  111. My Mom...
  112. Poor Stephen AGAIN
  113. Dinner prep places?
  114. ohmyheck look at this!
  115. Tell me what you think of this ... let me first set the scene ...
  116. I think I have literally gained 10 lbs since my surgery ....
  117. You must see my new plaid purse I got today
  118. Nice Buns -Funny story
  119. The day has arrived!
  120. Babysitter report
  121. Hot new glasses.
  122. Back from the dr once again ....
  123. I think I have decided to stay at Wally-world for now....but for very good reason...
  124. went to the eye doctor
  125. Funny Buns (continued)
  126. My turn to share...
  127. Did I tell you girls that today is . . .
  128. Not so sure now I like living in the "country" so to speak ...
  129. Hey Sherri
  130. Funeral today.
  131. Job Interview Today
  132. Yucky procedure for me
  133. Today is DD's 15th birthday.
  134. Oh Joanne/Tojoco
  135. I am happy to report no surprise party at our house ..
  136. Does anyone remember playing the Ouija game long ago?
  137. Toao
  138. Look at Ethan
  139. ANGIE I need a nurse NOW
  140. Took DD to get her drivers permit today and she flunked :(
  141. Appointment
  142. Back from our trip . . .
  143. Fireant update with pics
  144. New driver in the Thacker house ... yes, Emily passed!!
  145. Here is Emily with her new red glasses and her new diamond necklace she got for her
  146. Sherri and Emily did you watch The View??
  147. Back home.....vacationing..
  148. Change of life-ers
  149. app-update
  150. Seems wimpy but I could use your prayers {a little long}
  151. Does anyone have a GPS in their car?
  152. This is a funny clip to watch :)
  153. Anybody "into" Vera Bradley? Funny story
  154. Pix of my DD in Sedona and with her Vera Bradley purse
  155. Meeting Up with Lucy G AGAIN!!!
  156. A Fairytale Wedding
  157. Second opinion results
  158. Yikes! Corey and a Girl!
  159. On vacation
  160. I love my vacation!!!
  161. Please vote for my photo
  162. Need help to get over fear of snakes!
  163. Jennifer
  164. Happy CANADA DAY!
  165. Ugh up at 4am with my son
  166. Poll: What are your favorite ....
  167. Reached 500 posts
  168. Back to work...
  169. Shuggy...
  170. Leaving in 10 Minutes for mouth surgery
  171. This has been a "sicky" weekend for me!
  172. Remember the door to door salesman with the student handbooks that came to my house?
  173. Has anyone heard from Toao?
  174. Summer cooking tips
  175. Can we talk about deodorant?
  176. We took the kids and watched fireworks tonight in the next town over ...
  177. Patriotic video clip- Rick Monday
  178. Purging the Clutter
  179. Super Suppers Success!
  180. I go back to the dr tomorrow and it could be my last re-check
  181. How stinky is this?
  182. I Didn't Get the Job
  183. Who wants to celebrate with me? The dr has released me!!!!
  184. My oldest son turned 18!
  185. Who knows more about
  186. Tojoco - Have a great trip!
  187. Congratulations to Corey, my DS!
  188. Looking for Christy R.
  189. And if buying bigger sizes wasn't enough of the problem ...
  190. Back from vacation
  191. Is anyone else out there as short as me or shorter???
  192. My Mom will be back tomorrow
  193. Lori Adelaar's hollyhocks in bloom
  194. ugh...
  195. Can we share our.....
  196. I'm starting this
  197. my nephew and my brother...
  198. Can you Believe IT!!
  199. Hello from the Alabama/Florida Border
  200. Attaching a Picture to your Post
  201. Does anyone remember
  202. Babysitting delima...
  203. Home again
  204. Erin
  205. I Need to Buy a Blow Up Bed
  206. My pity party is over for myself ... I have started to walk, eat better
  207. DH and DS are on their way to FL for the week ....
  208. I just spoke to Cheri in Florida . . .
  209. I figured out why I've been feeling like poop...
  210. I'm going to the knee surgeon today
  211. Does this look like shingles to you?
  212. DD had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled this morning and we are back home.
  213. Sherri
  214. My sister starts her chemo today...
  215. Could use some prayers..........
  216. Waiting On My Folks
  217. Update on Emily's wisdom teeth being pulled
  218. As you may or may not know, our house in FL still HAS NOT sold.
  219. Update on my friend Robin
  220. Tweener Dilemna
  221. Now they are leaving in two weeks!!!
  222. Erin - are you all ready for you big outing tomorrow with the other Shackies?
  223. How does your garden grow?
  224. Prayers Please
  225. Why?
  226. DGS is sick again
  227. 20th Anniversary!
  228. a poll for everyone
  229. Went for my yearly check up today and all is well ...
  230. I wonder what Erin, Joanne, Cheri and Asela are up to right now...
  231. Calling all Cooks . . .
  232. News
  233. What would we do if...
  234. For those of you who are on the Member List/Birthday List
  235. I guess I am just old
  236. Firecracker .. you must tell us how your sister's 40th surprise party went!
  237. Vacation Fun
  238. NO more diapers for us!!! YAHHOOO!!
  239. home from vacation..
  240. Good Morning from Collierville, TN
  241. Mom...plan...
  242. Sherri
  243. Mabel is at the doxie ranch!
  244. I'm having the time of my life
  245. iloveflipflops (Sherri)
  246. Woke up with a swollen top lip this morning ..
  247. Went to the dr today
  248. Update on DH
  249. Eastern Tennesse - Anyone near there?
  250. Update on me . . .