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  1. Paloosa '09... we have dates!
  2. paloza 09...
  3. Palooza 09 Headcount....
  4. palooza 09 cj?
  5. palooza question
  6. Can we start a thread saying who needs a roomie and who is rooming with who?
  7. shoppin at Paloosa....
  8. Official Shoebox Information for Palooza
  9. Palooza Question
  10. This is the roomie list I have so far
  11. Questions about palooza 09
  12. Question to Chris or Robin about Shackapalooza 2009
  13. Palooza 2009
  14. DH told me last night I may not be going to Shackapaloosa
  15. Shackapalooza is less than 4 Months away!!!
  16. Who has their airline tickets and who has looked into ticket prices
  17. $99 air fare IF you live in these
  18. Calling Cheryl/shadoob
  19. So...would flying into Ft. Wayne make sense????
  20. If you need to know distance between places and the Potawatomi Inn,
  21. Who wants to ride a toboggan with me at the "Inn"? LOL
  22. PJ party @ Shackapaloosa?
  23. palooza circle journal...
  24. Palooza $$ Question
  25. Wah.......
  26. Palooza Bad News!
  27. Now its my turn to pout and cry and ....
  28. palooza...
  29. Palooza in the Comfort of your Own Home
  30. funny
  31. I just realized that I have a conflict with Shackapalooza!!!
  32. What are we still doing for 'paloosa?
  33. palooza 09 circle journal
  34. Any Palooza girls want coasters???
  35. Last chance for a room at Paloosa '09...
  36. palooza sign in...
  37. Thanks Chris & Robin
  38. Speaking of Palooza, how long is it taking everyone to drive there?
  39. Even though I am not going to Shackapaloosa, I would love to know who is staying with
  40. Palooza questions.....
  41. Palooza at Home
  42. palooza circle journal
  43. Any chance of snow at Shackapaloosa?
  44. What if I don't know you?!?! (palooza warning!)
  45. Palooza- time to talk about FOOD!!!
  46. I have too many things I want to do at Palooza!
  47. Palooza girls: regarding the coasters.....
  48. Is there room at "the Inn" for one more Shackie???
  49. What crafty stores are near Shackapaloosa?
  50. palooza master list
  51. Question for the Paloozers
  52. Those doing the Circle Journal for Palooza...
  53. Does anyone want me to bring my nesties?
  54. official Palooza happenings thread...
  55. A peek at the Inn
  56. In 183 hours...
  57. Paloozers- do you have this I can borrow?
  58. Wait till you see my new jammies for the jammie party!!
  59. Last Call - Palooza at Home
  60. I just sent out the Palooza cell phone list!
  61. question about the inn..
  62. Mary & Angie...
  63. Not takers huh?
  64. Hey Chris, Can we get a TV for Thursday night?
  65. outta here!!
  66. According to weather.com I see its 43 degrees in Indiana right now
  67. Hey Paloozers
  68. Paloozers -- a favor?
  69. How much "stuff" are you bringing to Paloosa?
  70. Who's bringing a laptop?
  71. my car is all packed and I'm ready to go!!
  72. I can't sleep!
  73. So have any of the Shackies made it to Palooza yet?
  74. Pics from Shackapalooza
  75. Angie's Shower @ Palooza
  76. the shackies
  77. Shackies PJ Party
  78. I"m home
  79. Honeys I'm Home :)
  80. We made it home too - with one small shopping stop:)
  81. Another one arrives safe and sound...
  82. This was why I drove by myself!
  83. Iowa Girls have landed at home
  84. in the rainy city...
  85. Honey, I'm home!!
  86. not quite home...police, knives and DRAMA...
  87. Some observations I made at Shackapaloosa
  88. home again, home again..jiggity jig!
  89. Recieved, my "palooza at home" kit today
  90. Received my Palooza Kit today
  91. the straglers have made it home...
  92. Just a quickie .....
  93. Those doing Palooza at home: 4th of July Card
  94. Palooza Slide Show
  95. Paloosa at Home instructions for my project
  96. Finally got my palooza pictures