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  1. Winter '07 Stamper Sampler Take Ten "toot."
  2. Toot Toot! I'm tootin' my own horn!
  3. Happy happy joy joy!
  4. TWICE in one day!
  5. I got the call...LATE last night!
  6. This isn't publishing..but...
  7. It finally happened!!!!!
  8. I'm EXCITED!!
  9. Woohooo - The Rubber Stamper!
  10. OMG! OMG! OMG! Stamper Sampler Spring Take Ten!
  11. Congratulations, aselahop! Toot-toot!
  12. OMG OMG!!! Stampers Sampler Take Ten Spring...
  13. I'm published! Everyone look for me!
  14. Vintagegal card from take ten is
  15. Little toot...
  16. PaperWorks
  17. Question about submitting
  18. I Won CHF Illustrator Search!
  19. Hambo Stamps Design Team
  20. Might be published?!?
  21. Published in the scrapnstamp
  22. Keep your eyes open for me - Rubber Stamper!
  23. My New Stamps are here!
  24. Toot Toot...Congrats Asela...
  25. OMG- I won!
  26. I have a card about to appear in........
  27. This is so cool! I've been "published"!
  28. Published in the current issue of...
  29. Another Ovation for Asela!
  30. Interested in being published?
  31. Lockhart stamp company- recipe contest
  32. Asela's New Stamps!
  33. Little toot...
  34. It's June 1st, so that means I can say where my card...
  35. Somerset Holidays
  36. Cardmaker Mag for me!
  37. Great big happy toot!!
  38. Rubber Stamper 2008 Submission Call List...
  39. I'm in a magazine. Fart fart... I mean toot toot
  40. I'm sharing a page with Erin!!
  41. Sherry! Congratulations
  42. Who got published?
  43. Guess what!?! I have been chosen to be on the Magnolia design team!! WOW!!
  44. I'm so excited I could just pop!
  45. Get Published!
  46. Who is going to send in cards to Take Ten Magazine?
  47. To those who have been published...
  48. Rubber Stamper
  49. Not being published, but
  50. My bio is uploaded at Eat Cake Graphics
  51. A little toot my horn post
  52. Toot Toot to DEBORAH!
  53. Congratulations Clarissa Romano!
  54. How do you part with the cards you make for submissions/publishing?
  55. Little Toot!
  56. Congratulations to 10K Challenge winners!
  57. Stamp Artist of the Month!
  58. Just Cards arrived!
  59. OHMYHECK! Erin's published!
  60. Sharing some news from 'MsLis' at PCMB
  61. Look on the back cover of Vamp Stamp News and....
  62. Outlines rubber stamps...
  63. smARTworks design team UPDATE Aug 6th
  64. just like Erin :)
  65. Anyone published in the Spring 2007 Issue of Take Ten?
  66. My card has finally been published!
  67. Awesome mail day!
  68. My First Toot
  69. My DRS Designs gallery is up!
  70. I made a DT
  71. I made it, too!
  72. I made it too!
  73. Just received my Sept. issue of "Just Cards!"
  74. wow, I am a happy stamper
  75. Page Maps Toot
  76. Submission question...
  77. A Group Toot!
  78. Does anyone have the September VSN??
  79. Design Team Call...
  80. I received an exciting email this morning!
  81. Made my day...
  82. Very exciting message today...
  83. Design Team Toot!
  84. I'm tickled pink!
  85. The NEW Just Cards!
  86. Stampers Sampler Update (finally)
  87. An email made my day!
  88. I am so excited!
  89. Deborah, I am in AWE...
  90. Hmmm...your opinions?
  91. Don't want to get too excited too soon but what does this mean?? LOL
  92. Congratulations Awna Stark!
  93. Design Team Call: Inque Boutique
  94. Little Toot...
  95. justjohanna new stamps
  96. Everyone - Run NOW to the gallery.
  97. Rubber Stamp Madness Toot
  98. I got a really fun email, today!
  99. holy Hot Dogs!
  100. First International Publication
  101. Oh, Famous Sherri!!!!
  102. Hey! Check This Out
  103. Oh, Famous Ethel!!!
  104. Oh, Famous Erin K!!!!!
  105. Oh, Famous Sherri, AGAIN!!!
  106. I will be off today doing a book signing ... oh wait ... not a book signing ..
  107. New justjohanna team!
  108. Not published - going on exhibit
  109. OMG, OMG, OMG - one of the framed pieces sold!
  110. Not Pub'd but....
  111. Toot! Toot!
  112. Quite a creative time of life!
  113. OMG! Finally! Toot! Toot!
  114. Happy news/sad news
  115. I'm going to be on a Design Team!
  116. Toot Toot Sherri AND Erin AND Ethel...
  117. Congrats Jailbirdstamper!!!
  118. I made a team
  119. Toot ~ Toot ~ Toot
  120. Now that I am famous and all ... lol
  121. Our very own Awna Stark is in Just Cards too!!
  122. Another little yipee
  123. Stampers' Sampler Feb/March 08 toot!
  124. Mary -- toao
  125. This card appears...
  126. Little toot...
  127. I've been featured!
  128. Scrap and Stamp Arts...
  129. Featured Artist - ImBlessed
  130. Tickled pink to announce...
  131. Rubber Stamp Madness
  132. I have another "Tickled Pink" to announce...
  133. Sunshine Designs Winner
  134. Deborah..Robin Marie from PB Studios may contact you..
  135. I'm published- well sort of.....
  136. Just Cards Toot!
  137. Oh, Wow!
  138. Blogging and submitting to mags
  139. OMG! I'm on the Cover! Didn't even know it!
  140. Published on a website
  141. Oh, wow! I was the Alphastamps Guest Designer for the month of March!
  142. Guess who's the newest DT member at justjohanna?
  143. Guess who's in the latest Scrap & Stamp Magazine ... Erin and me!!
  144. Question for all of you on a DT
  145. I'm in RSM this month!
  146. Coming Monday: Exciting News!
  147. on the news!
  148. Extra! Extra! Read all About it!!!!
  149. CT Toot!
  150. Some good news e-mails...
  151. I'm a "back cover" girl!
  152. Anyone have the May '08 issue of CARDS magazine?
  153. Erin and Awna are celebrities once again in the Just Cards IX issue
  154. Look here:D
  155. Scrap & Stamp Art
  156. Aaaaaaaakkkkk!!!!
  157. I'm in Just Cards too!
  158. I received some excellent news today!
  159. Congrats to IMBlessed!!! - TAC Catty
  160. I made the front cover!!!!
  161. Something to CROW about!
  162. toot...I made the cover...
  163. my new gig
  164. Wow I have had another card published
  165. Thanh is the October Scrap & Stamp issue - page 43
  166. Awna you are on page 43 of the October issue of Scrap & Stamp
  167. Lakeslady is published AGAIN
  168. Been wanting to share this for a while...
  169. A few little toots
  170. Toot! Toot!
  171. Congratulations JBgreendawn
  172. I have a TOOT TOOT, too!!!!
  173. My "TOOT TOOT" card is in the gallery~!!
  174. Awna is our own centerfold in the December Scrap & Stamps issue
  175. Shackies in the new Fall 2008 Just Cards magazine!
  176. Great news! Sugar Nellies......
  177. A little "toot" for me
  178. A little feather in my hat
  179. Published in Vamp Stamp News
  180. Published
  181. My stamps will be in a STORE!!!
  182. Doing my little happy dance!
  183. Look who is on the December cover ...
  184. I won the blog candy at this new stamp company
  185. Attention, Attention Please- Did you see the Big Story on Allinkdup (Awna) in
  186. Got my complimentary copy today!
  187. a little toot
  188. 5 toots must go out to Awna, Erin, Thanh Vo, Joan Petty and me
  189. Hey, I got Published! Toot, Toot!
  190. I am on ther front page of Vamp Stamp News
  191. Not sure if IMBleesed (Vicki) will toot her own horn ... so I will help her out :)
  192. I am SHAKING, I am so excited!
  193. Yeah Awna!!!
  194. Remember Jennifer???
  195. Deborah-covergirl
  196. I am so pleased
  197. I received a couple of exciting emails this week....
  198. Toot for our own Smileycollector!!!
  199. I've been acknowledged
  200. Addicted to Rubber Stamps finally placed order!
  201. Lakeslady -Your feature story is fabulous
  202. Shackies rule again in Just Cards.
  203. omg....toot!
  204. Guess who's in the latest Scrap & Stamp - ME!
  205. Want to get published in SNR?
  206. HOORAY! I'm on Addicted to Rubber Stamps!
  207. Toot Toot! I got chosen to be on a DT!
  208. Holy Cow Batman Shackies in Just Cards!!
  209. Unpredictable. Was published when I least expected it.
  210. toot, toot, toot
  211. Toot ! Toot ! Surprise.
  212. Stamping Magazines
  213. I have been chosen to be a guest design team member!!!
  214. Congratulations Inkinupstamps!
  215. TOOT TOOT! Shackies in Just Cards!
  216. Well knock me over with a feather!
  217. What a great surprise! I'm published in Somerset Studio
  218. Our one and only Christie is in the latest Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine
  219. Toot Toot....
  220. Little toot!
  221. Yippee, a new Aussie design team gig for me
  222. I'm going to be in.....
  223. SNR Call for artwork for Publication
  224. Congrats to Smileycollector!
  225. Call for ATC's for publication
  226. Toot Toot
  227. Exciting month for me
  228. Woo Hoo!!!!
  229. Here is the attachment for the 2009/2010 Scrap & Stamp and Just Cards
  230. Just had two cards published in VSN
  231. I have 8 cards in the latest Just Cards - Holidays!!
  232. I'm a cover girl
  233. Erin, Awna, Deborah, Jennifer E, Vicki H, Heather G, Thanh and me are in Just Cards
  234. Yippee Skippy!!! I've been chosen!
  235. Strange..... but true.
  236. Vicki H. (IMBlessed5) is a cover girl!!!!
  237. toot toot toot!
  238. Run out and buy the Fall issue of Just Cards - there are 10 Shackies in it!!
  239. Toot! Toot! My first publication acceptances!
  240. toot toot toot
  241. My first ever publication
  242. Hannah Stamps...didjaknow...
  243. I'm so excited. I've been published
  244. OMG - I am a Cover Girl x 3!!!
  245. Congratulations Vicki!!!
  246. Today's the day
  247. I'm in Just Cards Winter 2010
  248. I've been published again!!!!
  249. another shackie in just cards (winter 2010)
  250. Just Shackies... I mean Just Cards.