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04-22-2008, 10:24 AM

You might wanna make sure you know your shackies for one of the games we will be playing...it won't just be people AT shackapaloosa~it will be EVERYONE from the shack! Like for example- Which Shack member has an addiciton to flip flop and now cupcakes? (sorry sherri had to make an example of you) Chris will be making up the questions so I have no idea what she has asked.
~ How well do you know your shackies?
This will be a fun list of questions about your fellow shackies. Start asking questions of each other. You never know what you could win!

You really don't have to bring anything for this game...Just hope you have brought the right stuff...
~ Scavenger Hunt
Did you bring a purple polka dotted brad with you? How about a scrap of gold stripped paper? You may need it!

This one you don't have to bring anything...Chris and I will supply the mystery! :jiggy:
~ Build a card
We will start off a couple of diffrent "mystery bags" full of "supplies". Everyone reaches in and pulls out something and has to use it on that card. I can't see what we can make out of tp and staples!! LOL

Don't forget your images!
~ Image swap
Have a favorite image or even one you are not sure what to do with. Stamp a few extra and bring them with you. Please stamp in black ink on white paper. The more you bring to share the more you get back!!

see other thread
~ Chinese Gift exchange

The other thing will be a table with like a "sell", "swap" or "free" items on it. I have a older looking scrapbook that I thought someone might wanna use.


04-22-2008, 03:52 PM
Oh man ... if I was going, I would win this game ... :) lol