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Thread: Will someone please explain OH1?

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    Will someone please explain OH1?

    I mean I understand that OH1 means Open House 1 (I think) but are we just suppose to post any ole card we make or is there a certain theme or technique that we need to use before we post a card with OH1?

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    Would you believe me if I said the jail?
    You are making cards to be eligible for the prize drawings - so for the best chance to win a mystery envelope enter a card for each drawing. No themes or requirements for the cards. Does this make sense?
    ***3 drawings each day at 2pm, 6pm and 10pm EST***

    Each card posted in the gallery will receive 1 entry into the drawing. Please post your cards in the gallery under the Special Events category and begin your title as follows:
    Saturday Oct 6 before 2pm EST please label OH1
    Saturday 6pm- OH2
    Saturday 10pm- OH3
    Sunday.Oct.6 2pm OH4
    Sunday 6pm-OH5
    Sunday 10pm- OH6
    This labeling is essential for the creative team to properly count all entries. Only entries properly labeled will be counted.

  3. Hi Joanne!
    Our theme is "One Stamped Card can make a Difference!"
    This is very open ended but we are asking shackies to join us in making cards for others who may need a lift. We encourage all Shackies to make a few cards to share with others - be it military, someone who is ill, or anyone else you select. So probably most anything will fit except if your are going to sell your cards.

  4. This is a terrific theme!!! I finally found and read the info on the Creative Corner page. You had it explained very well, I just hadn't seen it and thought the challenge must be for specific techniques or something. It's great that "anything goes"... now I better get to it!!!
    Smiles, Pam

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