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Thread: OH-Sharing Memories

  1. OH-Sharing Memories

    Please share your memories of your first RAK, card in the gallery, swap or other great time here at the Shack.

  2. My greastest RAK memorie was when nancy (directmailscrapper) won the prisma markers taht i was trying to bid on but the person wouldnt ship to canada. Nancy won them and all of a sudden they show up in my mail box!! It was so sweet of her and i will always think of her when using them.
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  3. My first RAK was from Sherri - it was also shortly after she called me to help me with my blog. I had never before that spoken to any of my virtual stamping friends. It was so cool and I am forever appreciative

  4. I have had SO many unbelievable RAK's from my Shackie friends!!! Just last week Lesa (tattooLesa) sent me a package of goodies from when she was at the MOA! What a dear...with all she's going through now to think of ME! And Sherri (iloveflipflops)sent me a postcard from the MOA...actually, I can't begin to name all the RAK's our sweet Sherri has sent me. I remember one VERY special smiley balloon rubber stamp she found in Vegas. And I have to mention all the countless images that Nancy (directmailscrapper) has mailed to me. OMG, that girl loves to stamp images!!! And I for one, *love* to receive them!!!
    A couple years ago Kerry (kerry) surprised me with an awesome Maude rubber stamp where she's holding a smiley face coffee cup. It's still one of my FAVS!! And my dear Nebraska neighbor Ethel (VintageGal) surprised me with an entire BOX FULL of Great Impressions mouse rubber stamps!!! No kidding!! And you all know how I *love* Hawaii and making Aloha style cards. Debbie (1of1 Shoes) surprised me with one of the BEST stamps EVER! I saved the envelope she sent it in as it was a work of art in itself! Not to mention, the incredibly sweet note she included. Many of YOU have sent me images and embellishments and my list could go on FOREVER!!!!! Thank you ALL for your friendships and generosity. SHACKIES are the BEST!!! Smiles, Pam

    p.s. please forgive me if I failed to mention someone. If I think of more, I will add!!!
    Smiles, Pam

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  5. I remember receiving the warmest of welcomes when I came to the Shack. I think we have the sweetest most caring ladies here, and I just don't care to go anywhere else on the web to hang out.

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    Oh my gosh i don't know if i could tell you who sent me my very first shack rak i have received so many. Do you know that this community was the first place i ever received an stamped image rak from? that totally floored me when it arrived and so many others have followed. I have an entire (almost altered) box full of things to play with from the generous stampers here.
    this has got to be my coziest spot on the net.

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    Oh I have so many great memories from this site. I know I coudln't possibly think of them all. The one that stands out the most is when Kim sent me a set of 12 Prismacolor Pencils. I was so in awwww that someone was so nice. She is still sending me stuff!!! I also would say when I got to talk to my first Shackie on the phone. Sherri called me to help me out with something on the computer. I felt like I had known her forever! I just really thankful for this site. Where else could you go to make so many friends from all over the world!

  8. Such sweet and generous people at the shack.

    Jan (Far North) sent me this absolutely amazing handmade folder filled with copies of all of the congratulatory posts when I was appointed to the justjohanna design team. She just knocked my socks off because it is not only beautiful but it also contains the words and well wishes from some very kind ladies. Jan also has sent me so many generous RAKs. She is such a dear and thoughtful and generous and kind friend. Love ya Jan!

    Debbie (1of2shoes) wowed me after she attended a Terry Medaris class with a personally autographed Terry Medaris coloring book (inscribed in his hand with my name!) and one of his stamps!

    Tonii (Caboverdi) sent me just out of the blue a huge mailer filled with Wild Asparagus paper and diecuts. She knew I had a hard time getting that paper here and like it so much so she just did.

    I have received so many neat surprises from ladies...completely unepected. These are just a few.

    Thank you so much!

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  9. Well honestly I can't remember my first swap or RAK here. (Although I know I've been RAk'd by some dear sweet girls) What I do remember the most is when I first came here. A bunch of us were over at PCMB and the bickering was ridiculous. Then Sherry started this wonderful website of harmony....and we've all lived happily ever after since! This is truly a wonderful place to come and learn and share....and the level of caring shown here is irreplaceable.

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    I have received so many RAKs from so many Shackies, I am always blown away by your generosity. I couldn't begin to name them all!

    My first ever RAK was from Joanne (Tojoco). She sent me a birthday card full of Prima flowers. I had never seen primas in real life before, only on magazines. I have a lovely stash that I have received from several different Shackies- and have actually never bought any.

    Lots of Shackies have sent me M's clear stamps (we don't have M's in Australia), Sherri is always suprising me with images, Christie and Cindi sent me some US postage to encourage me to start swapping (and now I am hooked) and Debbie (1 of 2 shoes) send me an enormous box of peeps and hersheys kisses after finding out that we don't have them in Australia either.

    I will be ever thankful of the friends I have made here- and how you have changed my stamping and cardmaking life for the better

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