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Thread: Hello from Napa

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    Hello from Napa


    I am Emily Ann and have been stamping for 17 years. (Hello Emily Ann. . . oh wait it's not that kind of a group)

    I recently re-discovered Stampin Up! Had seen a catalog a long time ago but didn't realize the how nice it is to have stamps that work together and paper that always matches your stamp pad colors. I have more stamps than I care to admit. More tools than I need. More embellishments than one person should have. And more ribbon than brains! Yet somehow I still think I need more.

    I am married 26 years now to my high school sweetheart. We have a 4 year old son who is our greatest gift to each other.

    I look forward to seeing all this site has to offer and hope someday to figure out how to use my computer well enough to upload some of my creations.

    ~Emily Ann
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    Violets are Blue
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    Emily Ann, from your description, you sound like you will fit in REALLY WELL with us here (love the more ribbon than brains bit!)

    I'm Sarah, from Western Australia. Much of your description could be me- except I have 2 boys.
    I hope you find lots of fun and inspiration here. We are a friendly bunch and there is always someone here to help if you have questions. I can help you on how to upload your creations...just ask

  3. Welcome to the Shack, Emily Ann. We are a great group here and are so close with each other. It's awesome.

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  4. Hi Emily Ann. I am Sherri from NC. My daughters name is Emily .
    The Shackretary

  5. Hi dear. I'm Kim and I live in Pa. Welcome aboard-you are gonna love it here girl!

  6. Hello there, Emily! Welcome to our humble home

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    Welcome from AZ- Nancy

  8. Hi there Emily Ann,

    I am Cheri from Florida. It does sound like you will have fun at the Stamp Shack from your first posting I look forward to seeing your posts and your creations in the gallery.

    Enjoy the holidays:cool2:

    Visit my blog here

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    Welcome to the site Emily Ann! I love your name, it's so cute!!! Hope you love it here and find your way to chat sometime!

  10. Hello I am Christine from Michigan. I love Napa! My DH are coming soon to taste all your beautiful wines!!

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