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Thread: Congratulations Cathy- Threefriends91

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    Congratulations Cathy- Threefriends91

    Presenting to you...... (drum roll).......

    Internationally known feature artist (another drum roll)......

    Cathy- Threefriends91 from Canada

    Congratulations on being the Technique artist of the month. You did a great job with the metals challenge. I remember you saying your goal was to participate in more challenges- well look at you go!!!! You got your name on the front page of the Shack. I'm thrilled for you.

  2. On my how great you look on the front page!

    And your story is terrific on the creative page too. Wow you sure have picked up a few tricks from your friends at the shack!. So glad you are playing the challenges!!

    It's only and W0000-o you have achieved a great personal goal this year!

    Congratulations Cathy!!!

  3. Congratulations Cathy

    Congratulations to Cathy aka threefriends91 for being award the technique challenge this month.

    It is one that is richly deserved with such a stunning card, and what is nice is, that it pays tribute to her happily married status too.
    Enjoy the accolade Cathy, it could not happen to a nicer person.
    Big hugs and again congratulations.

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    l live in Canada eh
    Thank You JP so much..l never thought l would ever get such a reward..l'm so happy and l really have to say Thanks to all you great ladies for sharing your great gifts of art with me..Oh yes l am so enjoying all the support from everyone and to my best friend my husband and daughter.
    God Bless and have a great day.
    Please Bear.. with me while l grow.

  5. Congratulations!!!

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