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Thread: Pics of the Inn for Shakapaloosa

  1. Pics of the Inn for Shakapaloosa

    Here are some pics that I took today of the Inn. It is so pretty!





  2. Oh, it is VERY pretty! I can't wait to get there!

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    Boo Hoo, Joanne wants to go!

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    Fabulous! I can't wait. It looks cloudy there. I haven't seen a cloud in a week! Let's hope for good weather.

  5. Sherri wants to go too .... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    The Shackretary

  6. Looks lovely! What a great weekend this will be...I'm getting sooo excited!
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    It looks wonderful!!!! Hoping that it is nice that weekend!!!
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  8. Sherri wants to go ....
    The Shackretary

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    I really hope our great weather can hold on just a week longer!!

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    Right now the weather channel is saying rain for Friday and temps in the 50's! I'm still going to wear my capri's. I think.

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