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Thread: So ... what did you learn at Shackapalooza?

  1. So ... what did you learn at Shackapalooza?

    Like at MOA, I learned several things:

    1) Angie is not a "morning" person. Do not even talk to Angie till she has her breakfast. Right Ang?

    2) Angie's mom is real quick to throw ice down my shirt, without me realizing it till its done.

    3) The time went by way too fast and I could've stayed another week!!

    The Shackretary

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    Here is what I learned:

    1- If Chelsea gives you a tattoo and makes a mistake she will lick you to get it off!

    2- I sould never bring anything to work on cause I never do. I made 3 cards and put paper on one album the whole weekend!!

    3- Always pack a blender or 2!

    4- Never sit in between Patty and Ellie they throw things in your food!

    I'm sure I learned some stamping stuff too...

  3. How did you sit BETWEEN the 2 of them? And why? LOL
    The Shackretary

  4. I learned that it really is possible to have a bunch of women be together to work and stuff and still get along and have fun.
    I also learned that I don't HAVE to bring everything I own, that just a few things would have been okay.

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    What I learned:

    1. It is possible for 13 women to spend 15+ hours together a day for 2-1/2 days with no complaining, no b*tching, no arguing, no whining, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!

    2. 13 women who have never actually met can feel like they've known each other all of their lives.

    3. I learned how to make a beautiful dahlia card (thanks Jennifer!) and how to do a Spirograph card (thanks Kimmy!)

    4. I learned what a Bindagraph is.

    5. I learned about how to get your water-based markers to work like water color painting (thanks to Stamping Day and Night, a store we visited)

    6. I learned that you can drive from the Detroit airport to Angora Indiana in 9 hours or 2 hours, depending upon how many scrapbooking and stamping stores you shop at along the way!

    7. I learned that sometimes, the perfect event can exceed your wildest expectations,

    and finally, I learned that I can't wait another year to see my best friends again!

    You can't change yesterday, but you can ruin today by worrying about tomorrow.

  6. Well what i've learned of it is that i'm so jealous?? about you all
    And that you all had a great time with a lot of fun.

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    I learned...
    1) not to dress in the same colors the hotel staff wears or you may be mistaken for a new hire!
    2) Kathy (maxiesmom) is not a morning person
    3) Both Kathy and Traci are allergic to bananas.
    4) Becky (inkisallover) and I were the shortest ones there.
    5) Ellie has to have her Starbucks fix.
    6) The peekholes in the conference room doors were backwards, so everyone OUTSIDE could see in. And punched flowers taped inside prevented people from looking in thanks to Spartymom Kim!
    7) Don't yell out to everyone asking who wants "Palooza Punch" when one of the Inn supervisors is walking by.
    8) People in Indiana can't hold their liquor well when attending wedding receptions.
    9) 13 women can discuss and solve all the problems of the world in just one weekend. Now if we could only get congress to listen!
    10) I love love love the Stamp Shack!!

  8. Some of these are REALLY funny . Thanks for sharing. lol
    The Shackretary

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    Amy, you made me smile! Both at the Paloosa -- and reading this thread! You are such a sweetheart -- I'm glad I finally "met" you! We would definitely be friends IRL! :-)

    You can't change yesterday, but you can ruin today by worrying about tomorrow.

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    I know something else I learned at the Shackapaloosa!

    That if 13 women sit in a room and stamp and talk -- they have NO TIME TO EAT! None of us wanted to bother to eat! Eventually, some of would grab a meal because we realized that we needed to keep our strength up... but this was DEFINITELY not a FOODIE event! So I suggested that we write a book called "The Shackapaloosa Diet Book"...

    You can't change yesterday, but you can ruin today by worrying about tomorrow.

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