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Thread: So ... what did you learn at Shackapalooza?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fief14 View Post
    I learned...

    -that I've known all my Shackie friends forever, even though I've never met them face to face.

    Thanks for the wonderful time ladies! I'm looking forward to Shackapoloosa 2009!
    sniff, sniff I love you, man. Ditto.


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    This was a great thread ladies. Too funny, I wasn't aware that drinking caused one to have an interest in stamping, hence the nosey drunks. Who knew? I will have to beware of those folks in my travels. At least it sounds like this time Chelsea wasn't banished to the corner, if you were letting her inner mom take over and spit to remove tattoos. Sounds like an awesome weekend, I am so sorry I missed it, but it is way fun reading about it. Missed the meetup but at least I get you guys everyday in the cyber world.


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    Quote Originally Posted by iloveflipflops View Post
    Like at MOA, I learned several things:

    1) Angie is not a "morning" person. Do not even talk to Angie till she has her breakfast. Right Ang?

    2) Angie's mom is real quick to throw ice down my shirt, without me realizing it till its done.

    3) The time went by way too fast and I could've stayed another week!!

    see what happens when i work 3 days in a row?? i miss this post!!!

    yes, it's true. even people at work know not to bug me before 10!!!

    i'm so sad i didn't go!! i'm definately going next year.

    hehe...chelsea in the corner...i forgot about that!!!

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    I learned lots of new things:
    How to get my computer hooked up to the internet away from home (thank you Chelsey & Paula)
    How to index my unmounted stamps (thanks again Chelsey!)
    Some of the girls worked long and hard to make this a great event for all of us...Chris, Robin, & Chelsey!
    That Colby loves to play in the snow and in his pool and if he ever breaks up with his girlfriend, Zoe or Molly are definately interested!
    I learned 15 new projects including fruit cans, dominoes, paper piecing and folding...thank you to everyone who took the time to make the samples!
    That we would all be lost without the shack and we are all very grateful to Sherry for all she does for us!
    That spending time face to face with fellow shackies is the best time ever! I feel like I have lots of new sisters!

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    I've had to think about this, since I didn't keep notes for everything.

    1. That Ellie and Pattie are sisters
    2. That Robin & Chris are related
    3. That some of us use the phrase "Hurry up let's go, so that we can get back."
    4. Using the circle punch only half way makes a cool little corner
    5. Use a thumbtack to poke holes in the paper
    6. I learned so much from all the shoebox projects, it was really fun
    7. It was nice to meet everyone in person, everyone got along and we just could do our own thing. Very relaxing.

  6. What I learned at Shackapaloosa:

    1. That Amy looks like she works at the Inn!
    2. I'm not eating meatloaf for a while!

    3. That Chelsea can make her own Pink GG ribbon!
    4. That Chris never had a massage before.
    5. That I had the best time EVER with everyone!
    And I can't wait until next year!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ellie View Post
    That Colby loves to play in the snow and in his pool and if he ever breaks up with his girlfriend, Zoe or Molly are definately interested!
    LOL. Colby is not opposed to having more than one girlfriend! Of course I don't know how the ladies would feel about that......


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