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Thread: My 30 minute drive home was great but...

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    My 30 minute drive home was great but...

    I cried the whole way home!! I'm such a huge baby! It just hit me how much fun I had and how much I was going to miss everyone!! Then when I got closer to home I had to pull myself together so DH would not laugh at me. lol

    I'm so glad everyone had fun. I was soooo worried that everyone would get there and not like our choice of the Inn or something like that.

    I do agree next year we need one more day so thursday - sunday would be great! Soon I fear we will work it into a week!!

    I'm going to go back down soon to look at what dates they have open!! REMEMBER we will only have room for 30!!!

  2. I like mid-May, if that counts.

  3. Hurry up... i want to be one of the first of 30 to sign up. PS I'm crying because i DIDN"T get to go this time!!!!
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  4. Chris that's right they do fill up fast at the inn cause when we asked for our dates for 2008 they asked us what year. And you & I looked at each other like WHAT!

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    Oh I cried on the way home too. It was such a fun trip and meeting everyone was so neat. I missed my girls and DH and I was crying about that too.

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    I'm glad to hear you all had a great time! I'm sorry you cried on the way home, I can get emotional like that too.

  7. I didn't cry, but probably could have...I was really sad when we left the Inn, and then it hit me again when we dropped Nancy off at the airport, & then again when I took Kimmy home. What can I say, I think we all have the Shackapoloosa Blues!

    Thanks for the wonderful time!
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  8. It was such a great weekend! That was the first time that I had ever done anything like that. It was wonderful meeting everyone and sharing ideas and the games and the Inn. Thanks so much!

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    I have the Shackapaloosa Blues -- except that I have such a HUGE grin on my face all morning at work -- everyone keeps asking me what I did this weekend. Boy, is it tough to explain to someone how you could have such a great time STAMPING!!!! No one who doesn't do it gets it! Chris, you did such a fabulous job -- I wish you lived closer to me -- my company is looking to hire folks with your skills!

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    It indeed was a great weekend. I laughed so much that my cheeks hurt (the one's on my face for those of you with dirty little thoughts). LOL When I got home, I showed my family all the pictures on my camera and all the shoe box swaps. I talked about Shackapalooza so much that my 11yr old son finally asked if I was glad to be home! Of course I had to give him a great big hug and lots of kisses (which he hardly lets me do any more).
    I miss everyone too. Several people at work said that I looked so refreshed and one even thought I looked younger!

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