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Thread: Apple Brickle Dip

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    Re: Apple Brickle Dip

    That sounds yummy! Hugs, Heather
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    Re: Apple Brickle Dip

    Quote Originally Posted by IMBlessed5 View Post
    I'm sure fat free would be fine - I would use it if it were me!

    So how do you keep your apple slices from turing brown? I know lemon juice is one way, but what do you do with it? lol
    Kim, I use PINEAPPLE juice. I think it works better than the lemon and you can actually leave them in the juice for quite some time w/out altering the flavors of the apples.

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    Re: Apple Brickle Dip

    Oooooooooo this sounds delicious. I think I'll make some for my next lunch with friends. Thanks Traci.

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  4. Re: Apple Brickle Dip

    I buy pre-sliced apples in a bag. They don't turn brown at all.

  5. Re: Apple Brickle Dip

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful, delicious mouthwatering recipe. By just looking at the ingredients I am sure that it is a nice one. I will definitely try out the Apple Brickle Dip recipe this weekend.
    Himberly Hadson

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