Has anyone read this? Is it a lot different than the one they first came out with?
It said the person who realised the first version edited a lot of the 'young women' come of age stuff - and this lastest version is the complete version of her diary.
I just watched the 2001? version of Diary of Anne Frank last night staring Ben Kingsley.
Cried... and cried.
I was thinking about getting the new version and reading it - but if it's not very different I may not. I have like 10 books sitting here waiting for me to read right now.
Right now I am reading Hoda Kotb [ read before I go to bed ] I am almost done. Maybe one or two more nights worth.
I am on the 4th book of the Game of Thrones series [ New HBO Mini Series ] and I have the latest book that came out in July 2011 of this series waiting next to me when this current one is up. I also have the latest book of the Clan of Cavebears series...
I have a munch more just sitting and waiting for me.