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Thread: The Rest Of The Story

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    My GPS said take a left and I ended up right here. Go figure.

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    Looks like Heather beat me to the punch... I must be faster and faster still or at least poetic.

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    Re: The Rest Of The Story

    Tee-hee! I can see you are going to be fun to have around!

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    Who stole my barrel of monkeys? They were right here. Okay... fess up.

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    Re: The Rest Of The Story

    Hi Guy! Glad to have you here at the Shack! I think you might be just what our site has needed for a long time

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    Hope your thinking be right... I'll trust it is and do my best.

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    Re: The Rest Of The Story

    Quote Originally Posted by HeatherJ View Post
    If you press the F5 key at the top of your keyboard that should refresh the screen without having to log out.
    Thank you, Heather....it definitely worked!!! It's SPRING at the Shack!!!

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