The Stamp Shack is pleased to offer you a swap board so that you may share your creations with others. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules so that your swaps are not removed from the swap board.

  • Scrapbook page swaps (8x8 and 12x12) are NOT permitted on the board.

  • 6x6 recipe page swaps ARE permitted.

  • Circle journal swaps ARE permitted.

  • Altered item swaps ARE permitted.

  • ATC swaps ARE permitted.

  • Embellishment swaps ARE permitted.

  • Rubber Stamp swaps ARE permitted.

  • Secret Sister style swaps ARE permitted.

  • The Stamp Shack frowns upon hostesses who do not participate in their own swaps. For this reason, we will not allow swaps labeled such as 10+1. If you host a swap on our board, you are automatically added as a participant.

  • Hostesses are required to return the same number of cards/items to the participant as was sent in. For instance, if a participant sends the hostess six cards, the hostess must send six cards back to the participant.

  • By participating in our swaps, you are required to have your swap to the hostess on or before the dute date, not after. Having your swap arrive late could mean that it will be sent back to you unopened and unswapped. It is totally at the discretion of the swap hostess on whether or not she will wait for a late swap to arrive but please note that most hostesses will NOT wait.

  • Swap participants should notify the hostess as to when her swap is mailed out.

  • Swap hostess should be courteous and contact the participant to let them know that their swap has arrived safely. They should also be sure to let the participants know when the swap is placed in the mail for the return trip home.

  • You are NOT permitted to sell any item(s) that you receive as a participant in a Stamp Shack swap without prior permission from the artist. If you are caught selling cards (or any other handcrafted item) that you receive via our swap board, you will be immediately banned from this website.

A word about flakers

We have deemed The Stamp Shack a flaker-free zone, therefore, we have implemented a two strikes and you’re out policy.

  • If you flake once, you will receive a warning.

  • If you flake twice, you will be banned from 'The Stamp Shack' website (regardless if you are a paying member or not), no questions asked, no excuses heard.

It is IMPERATIVE that you maintain open communication with your swap hostess and/or swap participants. If you sign up for a swap, you are obligated to fulfill the commitment unless you give ample notice to the swap hostess. Dropping out one week before the due date is not considered ample notice! If you have to drop a swap, it is recommended that you give at least three weeks notice, especially to those hostesses in Canada. This will ensure that they have enough time to find another player and will allow plenty of time for the usual 10-14 day delivery of a swap package.

A word about Perfectionists

Perfectionists are swap hostesses that will RETURN your cards to you, unswapped, because they feel that your cards are not up to their standards. This kind of behavior is hurtful and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on this website. If you do not wish to receive cards from stampers of every level, please do not participate in our swaps. Returning a participant's cards due to "lack of workmanship" is grounds for banning from The Stamp Shack website.


The Stamp Shack and it's staff cannot be held liable for any swaps that have gone bad. By making use of our swap board, you agree that you are participating at your own risk.

Happy Swapping!

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