» Swap Board Tutorial

The main swap board is composed of two collapsible sections – 'Open Swaps' and 'Full Swaps'. The “Full Swaps” section is collapsed by default. Simply click on the word 'Full Swaps' to view the entire list of closed swaps.

Open Swaps:

The “Open Swaps” section contains a list of current swaps which are open and joinable by you. To view the details of a particular swap, simply click on the name of the swap. A new page will load with all of the swap details.

Closed Swaps:

This section contains a list of all of the swaps that have reached the maximum allowed participants. These swaps are considered closed and are not joinable.

Joining a Swap:

If you would like to join a swap, simply click on the “Join This Swap” button. You will be required to enter your real name upon joining the swap. This information is viewable by the hostess only and is used so that she can easily identify swap packages as they arrive in her mailbox. Once you have filled in your name, the swap will then be added to your “My Swaps" page where it can easily be managed.

Hosting a Swap:

To host a new swap, simply click the “New Swap” button and fill out the required information. Once you have all of the details entered, click on the “Create Swap” button. The swap will now be listed in the “Open Swaps” section of the swap board and will be viewable by all Stamp Shack members.

Note: You will not see your own (hosted) swaps appearing on the 'Open Swaps' list. Remember, the 'Open Swaps' list will only show you a list of swaps which are joinable by you. Since Stamp Shack hostesses are automatically added as a participant in their own swap, the swap is technically no longer 'open' to you and, as a result, will not be shown on your 'Open Swaps' list. Instead, it will be placed on your “My Swaps” page where it can easily be managed.

My Swaps:

Consider the “My Swaps” page as your swap management center. This is where you will find the list of all of the swaps you are participating in – both the ones you are hosting and the ones you are a participant in.

Marking a swap as Completed:

Sometimes users host and participate in many swaps at one time. In order to make things easier for you, we have given you the option of marking a swap as completed. Doing so will place a line through the swap name on your 'My Swaps' page. This way, you can easily see which swaps are completed and which ones still need to be worked on. The 'Mark Swaps Completed' button can be found at the bottom of every swap detail page.

Editing your Swap:

You can easily edit your swap details by clicking the “edit” button located to the left of the swap name on your 'My Swaps' page.

Contacting a Hostess or a Participant:

Next to each swap name on the “My Swaps” page, you will see an “Email” button. This will allow you to contact either the swap hostess (if you are participating in someone else's swap) or the participants in your own swap by email. Swap hostesses have the option of sending an email message to the entire group of participants or sending an email message to one particular individual. Select your preference from the “To:” pull down menu.

Deleting your swap:

Once your hosted swap is complete and packages have had ample time to be returned to all participants, you should delete your swap from the board. To delete an existing swap, click on the recycle bin located to the right of your swap name. Careful though; once it's gone there is absolutely no way to get it back.

Note: Swaps do not automatically get deleted from our swap board. It is up to the hostess to delete her own swaps.

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